Sotto Voce

Word of the Day:

“sotto voce”

adjective [sot-oh voh-chee]

~in a low, soft voice so as not to be overheard~

Since it is July, and we’re in the South, I’m going to advise everyone to keep their complaints about the ongoing Fireworks to a sotto voce level; so as not to alarm the Roman-Candle-yielding neighbor who may “accidentally” aim them in your direction.

Grandma, put away your gun, no one is coming to steal your prized possessions.

Everyone else, tell Fido outside to calm down and cancel the battle cries, it’ll be over soon. But until then…..

Let the Bottle Rocket’s red glare, while you’re wakened by your dreams bursting in air, and I’m sure there’ll be proof in the morning, that your house is still there.

And, God Bless America!